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Santero is a mountaineering company born in Mexico. Our products are made to represent a collective of new,
boundary-pushing ideas in the outdoor industry.

Ideas such as…

Using the highest quality materials in the market with sustainable and efficient manufacturing processes, while still offering our products at a competitive price.

Designing durable, functional, and high-performance items that will keep you comfortable and safe in the harshest weather conditions, but are versatile enough for everyday use.

Leveraging cutting edge technologies in materials and processes, while still honoring our roots –– the Mexican mountain tribes and traditional art that fuel our designs and concepts.

As our story grows, it is shaped by these values

Manufacturing our products using over 90% reusable water

Producing our own energy using a cogeneration system, reducing our reliance on harmful energy sources

Offering fair pay, nutritious daily meals, preventive healthcare, and continuing education and empowerment services
for our employees

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